Thursday, 21 January 2010

Shopping Heaven.. the end

And at last, the 2 final pieces from my monday packages.

The silver bubble dress from Yours (size 22/24). It is way shorter than I expected, I tried it first as a dress with black leggings ..

.. and since I didn't felt so good, I'm positively sure I'll wear it as a top with a black pants...

The last piece is a red biker jacket from Dorothy Perkins (size 22) which is a really good surprise as the fabric is really soft as velvet.

The only cloud in this shopping heaven is the package from Evans hasn't arrived yet...
Evans and I have a doomed relationship : my first order never arrived and it took me more than 3 months to be fully reimbursed (and an impressive amount of emails to their customer service).
I never fully recovered from not being able to have the Beth Ditto purple sequin dress that went out of stock just after my order! I still need retail therapy!

I'm of an optimistic nature, so I tried again.. and I made the order to DP and Evans (which are the same business) the same day and the DP package arrived monday.
Let's hope it will arrive soon...

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