Sunday, 21 February 2010

bad hair bat girl

Nothing new here : another bad hair day with my 2 hits of the winter the Beth Ditto batman sweater and the Yours tulip skirt.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

The winner look of the winter... definitely this one : the tulip skirt, a loose turtle neck sweater with a large belt and boots.

I feel incredibly fine and feminine in this combinaison..

I also wear the skull bracelet and earrings from It's a swindle... I just adore cheap jewels... nearly child jewel... I don't like wearing anything too expensive, jewels or even clothes.

top : turtle neck from New Look
belt : Carmakoma
skirt : Yours (size 24)
leggings : Carmakoma ( size 52)
boots : Duo

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


This is how I dress when I'm not feeling too well, too punchy, as a passe muraille as Marcel Aymé would say. With this kind of outfit, you just disappear in the grey Paris.

glasses : from when I was 16...
top : H&M (size L /)
shrug : Taillissime La Redoute (size 54-56)
pants : Kiabi
sweater clip : crossed bones It's a swindle

Friday, 12 February 2010

rainy saturday

Here is my first outfit with the wet look tulip skirt from Yours... I also really like the loose turtle neck sweater with a large belt. I'm using this combinaison a lot during this month. Size 24 is too big, I should really stick to size 22 when I order in the U.K.

skirt : Yours (size 24)
purple sweater : New Look (size 22)
purple T Shirt : La Redoute (size 50-52)
leggings : Carmakoma (size 52)
boots : Duo (size 40)
belt : Yours

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

It's a swindle

I finally found the sweater clips I was looking for, on the it's a swindle etsy store...
I couldn't find some in France, it seems that sweater clips are not really european.
The clips are a little bit cheap (as in not too strong).. the nautical sweater clip broke the day after I received it. I now have to figure out how to use my hot glue gun I received last Christmas!

I ordered also a skull bracelet and earrings, that are so cute, I almost wear them everyday.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Yours again

In the package from Yours was also this red sequin top, rather classical. I cut the string around the waist. This just confirmed my obsession for sequin since last Christmas.

top: Yours (size 22)

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Yours is mine

Wet Look

Regular Look

Not knowing which one to choose, I bought the 2 Yours tulip skirts : the regular one and the wet look...
They are a little bit too wide on the hips. I really love the way they show my legs, stopping just above the knee.

Outfit 1
top : Dorothy Perkins (size 22 )
skirt : Yours (size 24)
leggings : Carmakoma (size 52)

Outfit 2
top : Yours
skirt : Yours (size 24)
leggings : Carmakoma (size 52)

How many livres?

Friday, 5 February 2010

Cosmic Carmakoma

I received a new package from Castaluna with the 2 Carmakoma dresses.

The satin grey one is a little bit too small around the belly... I love the zipper in the back but I'm eventually not so fan of the form on the front, an asymetric neck line...

The purple dress, thought the same size as the grey one is more comfortable, just a bit too tight around the knees.. I have to open 2 buttons to feel at ease..

I'm once more really please with Carmakoma, their clothes are really nice and well cut...

Leggings and Belt : Carmakoma
Dresses Carmakoma : Ufo (50-52), Victoria (50-52)