Saturday, 30 January 2010

blue saturday

I went on a shopping binge this wednesday... ready to make to most of the end of the sales on internet.
I received my first package this afternoon from La Redoute : 2 black panties that will go under my skirts this spring, 2 long sleeves t shirt (one black one purple), on long sleeve bolero and 2 cardigans (black and purple).

I compose the outfit around the green dress from H&M to attend a low key party...

dress : H&M (size 50)
cardigan : La Redoute (size 50/52)
leggings : Carmakoma (size 52)
necklace and headband : H&M
shoes : Eram

Friday, 29 January 2010

how many livres?

Thursday, 28 January 2010

purple red, purple red....

I am now totally obsessed with mixing purple and red... Those 2 colors completely pump me up!
I like the texture of the leggings from La Redoute but they don't fit well : the waist is too low and too loose, so it is permanently going down, I always have to wear them with a bermuda, i can't use them under a skirt. So far, the best leggings are from Carmokoma.

I also yesterday, I bought a chapka and it was a total epiphanie : why haven't I bought one 10 years ago?.. it is the perfect hat for my parisian winter.

jumper : New Look (size 22)
red T Shirt : Kiabi (size 50/52)
leggings : La Redoute (size 56)
bermudas : new Look (size 26)
belt : Carmakoma
shoes : La Halle aux Chaussures (size 40)

Monday, 25 January 2010


I finally received the Beth Ditto batwing spiderman jumper from Evans today.
It's was really worth the wait and it is as beautiful in real life than online.

My romance with Evans can then start again.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

twin set

I'm home
I'm bored
I'm cold

Then I matched this twin set : red and purple go perfectly well together...

I just noticed my double chin looks better in the photos if I keep my head high instead of bending it down!
hum rocket science!

Shopping Heaven.. the end

And at last, the 2 final pieces from my monday packages.

The silver bubble dress from Yours (size 22/24). It is way shorter than I expected, I tried it first as a dress with black leggings ..

.. and since I didn't felt so good, I'm positively sure I'll wear it as a top with a black pants...

The last piece is a red biker jacket from Dorothy Perkins (size 22) which is a really good surprise as the fabric is really soft as velvet.

The only cloud in this shopping heaven is the package from Evans hasn't arrived yet...
Evans and I have a doomed relationship : my first order never arrived and it took me more than 3 months to be fully reimbursed (and an impressive amount of emails to their customer service).
I never fully recovered from not being able to have the Beth Ditto purple sequin dress that went out of stock just after my order! I still need retail therapy!

I'm of an optimistic nature, so I tried again.. and I made the order to DP and Evans (which are the same business) the same day and the DP package arrived monday.
Let's hope it will arrive soon...

Matter of conscience

I bought this bomber jacket some time ago at New Look.. It stayed a long time in my closet.. I think I wasn't familiar enough with the Evans size chart and I took it in size 26, which is a a little to big for me... Also the general form is not so flattering for a big body..

Last week, I eventually decided to customise it : I cut the elastic part of the sleeves in order to reduce the "puffing effect"...

I'm still not convinced by the transformation. Let me also tell you that last time I wore it, some guy at a bar came to me on purpose and said : "I think I know you, are you Mark?". This is how people roll in Paris, his friends were laughing and I was so stunned, I couldn't find anything to answer.
I left the bar so frustrated.

Nevertheless, I'm also convinced this jacket is a little too boyish for me.

restless night sleepy day

After a new night of insomnia, I just wander home, going from one room to another, not really knowing what to do...

I love this jumper from Kiabi, it made me fall in love again with the batwing...

jumper : Kiabi
jeans : Kiabi (size 54-56)
sneakers : Décathlon (still waiting for spray paint!!)

rainy day, happy time

Here is another variation on the tests I made earlier this week with my new red top.. I feel really good in this outfit, so it will probably come back often now!

dress : Kiabi (size 50/52)
top : Dorothy Perkins (size 22)
leggings : Carmakoma (size 52)
shoes : La Halle aux chaussures (size 40)
headband : H&M

Shopping heaven ... severals outfits in a row...

Here are some of the few pieces I received this week...

A very nice grey coat from Dorothy Perkins : I thought it would be longer, at first I was a bit disappointed but it fits well and the color is darker than online. The buttons are really nice and have a nautical theme. The size 22 is a bit tight but still wearable.

A nice green top with gold foil from Yours : I really love it, the global shape is perfect : slightly batwing with a V-neck.

and at last, a black sequin tank top from Yours, perfect to combine in a party outfit!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ego trip

I can't resist : the friend who hosted the dinner saturday night also can take pictures...

He send us a few yesterday. I really like the way I look, and it is obviously enhanced by the black and white.

When I smile, I didn't not realise my eyes looked so tiny, as if they were disappearing among my cheeks.

Shopping heaven

So, here is another piece of clothes I received yesterday : a Dorothy Perkins red top with power shoulder...

I tried it on with a little black knitted dress...

top : Dorothy Perkins (size 22)
dress : Kiabi (size 50/52)
leggings : Carmakoma (size 52)
shoes : Eram (size 40)

and then with a black bermuda.

top : Dorothy Perkins (size 22)
bermudas : Kiabi (size 56)
leggings : Carmakoma (size 52)
shoes : Eram (size 40)

I also innovated with the light, trying not to use the flash... it is less reinder-in-the light.. but you can't really see the clothes... arghhhh I really suck at taking pictures...

black tuesday

I still am on a stay-home phase, so I'm experimenting the WFT outfit regularly.
It's rather warmer these days, so I'm fooling around home in this outfit.

Try the photo from behind.. Quite instructive, since it's a body area we never get to see in the mirror.

Even the photos are like a mirror to me... I have the feeling I don't look the same when I look at me in the mirror and when I see myself on a picture.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Online shopping heaven

Today, I finally received 2 of the 3 orders I'm waiting for : from Dorothy Perkins and from Yours. It really felt like a late Christmas.

For DP, I was a bit afraid all the clothes will end up being too small... Because if I follow religiously the size chart, I'm between a 56FR (28UK) and a 58FR (30UK). In real shopping life, I mostly fit between a 50FR (22UK) and a 54FR (26UK). It is usually always a surprise.

Anyway, it was a very nice pleasure to fit in the 22 of DP. Of course, the real clothes are always a bit different from what you get on the computer screen : colour, fabrics, length..

And on the other side, the clothes from Yours, ordered in size 22/24, are a little bit more tight to my body.

Here is the 1st outfit, with the nice embroidered dress with the studded belt. As it is sleeveless and I really don't like my shoulders, I put a little black T-Shirt under and I'm sure it more balanced with my body.
I also added 2 detailed pictures of the sleeves and belt.

I still fight with the quality of the pictures : don't know why it is so blurry and I can't find my happy face... plenty of time to improve anyhow....

dress : Dorothy Perkins (size 22)
T shirt : H&M (size 50)
leggings : Carmakoma (size 52)
shoes : Eram (size 40)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

neon WTF outfit

another lazy sunday home, so I jumped into the most comfortable outfit... and i also noticed the pants (size 50/52) may provoke camel toe... I should really not wear it outside!!

I had a very nice dinner yesterday with friends.... feeling a bit nauseous all day long.. maybe alcohool maybe something else, couldn't figure that out.. anyway, I tested my new method : eat only when you re really hungry... I had to wait till 5pm till this sensation occured to me...

I am willing to spray paint those shoes for a long time now.... I have the spray can with the neon orange I wanted... But still not sure about the way I should do that..

T Shirt : New Look (size 24)
Pants : Kiabi (size 50/52)
Leg warmer : New Look
Shoes : snickers from Decathlon (size 41)

Saturday, 16 January 2010

saturday outfit

Lazy day.... last minute outfit for a cosy dinner with a few friends

dress/top : H&M (size L)
striped pants : Kiabi
belt : Carmakoma
shoes : boots from La Halle aux chaussures
headband and necklace : H&M

I went out with a oversize sweater and a black mac from Inspire.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

WTF outfit

This is one of those days...just staying home , low key... so it is a real i-dont-want-to-go-out--outfit... Will probably spend the day watching films on my computer....

t shirt : Damart
sweater : La Redoute
velvet pants : Kiabi
belt : Carmakoma
shoes : very comfortable baboush from Snipe

janvier 2010

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

retail therapy 2

I also tried on the knee high legging I reveiced this morning. It is size 54 and fits well. The size chart is so variable from one retailer to another, I was a bit afraid.
Nevertheless, the fabric is really thin... this item won't last very long alas..
For the moment, nothing can beat the Carmakoma legging...

The dress/sweater is perfect..I bought it before the sales on Castaluna... I'm a bit bummed I didn't wait the sales but I was afraid it would go out of stock. The fabric is really nice.
I also bought a shirt/dress at the same time and on the same size and it didn't fit me at all around the hip.

Now, I just have to wait for springtime to wear it!

Legging : Carisal on Neby
Dress : Carmakoma (size 52)
Shoes : Eram

retail therapy 1

My first outfit photo... hum should really improve the background and the happiness on my face!! (Hello Sunshine!)

I received my first order from Neby... quick delivery... no problem...
I associate the red bolero I just received with the red dress from New Look i bought last years during winter sales without noticing the zip was broken... I finally had the courage to replace it this Christmas with the help of my friend Misa, a top japanese clothes designer ... I also added ruban straps... the original ones were to thin for me... the dress is now out of the closet!

I purchased the bolero in brown too.. Though I was afraid the size was too big (56FR), (it was the only one left), I still bought them... and it fits ok.

I bought the shoes yesterday... after 3 other attempts to finding the low boots I had in mind for 2 weeks now... couldn't find them anyway... and when i tried on an approching model of boots, it didn't fit me at all.. I wanted the biker style low boots... but it sort of annihilated my ankle... something my leg is not ready for, I think... so I took the more classical ones and i must admit I really like them.

red bolero : Biluzik on Neby
red dress : New Look (plus the zip, the straps and a precious amount of time!)
legging : Carmakoma (size 52)
shoes : La Halle aux chaussures (size 40)

hair do

i took this picture on saturday 9th of january... i just did an homemade avocado and egg face and hair moisturizing mask.... lo fi cosmetics!!
and i loved the way my hairs looked shiny and their position...