Sunday, 17 January 2010

neon WTF outfit

another lazy sunday home, so I jumped into the most comfortable outfit... and i also noticed the pants (size 50/52) may provoke camel toe... I should really not wear it outside!!

I had a very nice dinner yesterday with friends.... feeling a bit nauseous all day long.. maybe alcohool maybe something else, couldn't figure that out.. anyway, I tested my new method : eat only when you re really hungry... I had to wait till 5pm till this sensation occured to me...

I am willing to spray paint those shoes for a long time now.... I have the spray can with the neon orange I wanted... But still not sure about the way I should do that..

T Shirt : New Look (size 24)
Pants : Kiabi (size 50/52)
Leg warmer : New Look
Shoes : snickers from Decathlon (size 41)

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