Thursday, 21 January 2010

Matter of conscience

I bought this bomber jacket some time ago at New Look.. It stayed a long time in my closet.. I think I wasn't familiar enough with the Evans size chart and I took it in size 26, which is a a little to big for me... Also the general form is not so flattering for a big body..

Last week, I eventually decided to customise it : I cut the elastic part of the sleeves in order to reduce the "puffing effect"...

I'm still not convinced by the transformation. Let me also tell you that last time I wore it, some guy at a bar came to me on purpose and said : "I think I know you, are you Mark?". This is how people roll in Paris, his friends were laughing and I was so stunned, I couldn't find anything to answer.
I left the bar so frustrated.

Nevertheless, I'm also convinced this jacket is a little too boyish for me.

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