Monday, 22 November 2010

Tights Alert!

The quest for the perfect tights is always really tricky for the plus-size customers.

I usually buy mine at MS Mode, when I go in Lille or in others big french towns.. MS Mode can unfortunetaly not be found in central Paris.

I went to Lille and I've just discovered, you can buy your tights in HEMA, which is a dutch equivalent for MUJI, very simple design, low prices... that has opened a few months ago.

HEMA has recently opened stores in France, in Creteil Soleil (near Paris) and in the north of France (Lille Valenciennes).
If you know other places, please let me know in the comments.

They have tights in size 48/52 (UK 50/54), 60 deniers, in black, back brown, dark grey, purple and deep blue and the most important they are true to size... and cost only 4 euros
I've had so many dissapointment with tights, even if they were expensive, the sizing was bullshit..

So if you live near an HEMA shop, it's squirrel time! Let's stock them!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

2nd thrifted dress...the pink blinding-people dress

This is the second dress I bought at Mon amour 77.. and this one is pretty hard to handle.
The owner of the shop told me it has the Yves Saint Laurent pink, a very very flashy pink from the 80's that I adore
It also has little golden studs on the front..

I first styled it with black, the more reasonable option, not to blind people on the streets : black tights, black cardigan, black belt...

In fact, what I would really go for is pink and red... I love to combine warm and flashy colors but it's not so easy to wander the streets of Paris like this.. especially since I'm also plus-size.. that would be 2 reasons to be "checked"...
I had a drink with a spanish friend last night and she used a very perfect word to describe what people do in Paris : they "check" you...
It's really parisian... I haven't experienced it so strongly elsewhere...
No matter if you're plus-size, skinny, well dressed or not...
It's nearly like a reflex and it makes you feel really jugded and in a rather bad way

In short, here is the second outfit : the pink dress and red tights, red cardigan and red belt...

1st thrifting experience

Since it has opened, I'm dreaming to go to Re/Dress, the plus size vintage store in NY..I'm so in love with their 50's style dresses.

I'm not a thrifter at all...I mean, I don't have the eye, really, I'm bad at finding beautiful clothes in pile of others clothes..

But I went to Mon Amour a small vintage shop in Paris, run by Sandrine and Narumi. They're not specialised in plus size, it s mainly mainstream sizes but I asked Sandrine and in 3 days, tadam, she's found 2 beautiful dresses... I mean it was so perfectly what I wanted, i.e. something you'll never found in retail.

Also, if she also has a cool selection of accessories (scarves, belts, hair bands..) and of course jewellery..

Here is the 1st dress : pure silk with a cuttie pattern.
I alterred the length by adding a wide purple belt, so the dress would be knee high.

I added a little beige rose on the collar and my scissor necklace

detail of the pattern

dress : Mon Amour 77 (size unknown)
wide purple belt : Dorothy Perkins
purple tights : MS Mode
shoes : Eram

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

wtf outfit again

On my way to a bar to meet some friends, I was oscillating between comfy outfit and a little bit dressed up.. so I considered it ended up in the wft outfit category.. but I kinda like it.

I wear my Beth Ditto favorite jumper, with a Asos red ponti dress that I turned into a skirt and I put on comfy and warm shoes!

Here is also a detail my jewellery : the cartoon eye rings from Tatty Devine..

red skirt (red dress turned into..) : Asos Curve (size 22 a little to small)
batmanjumper : Evans / Beth Ditto (size 22)
grey jacket : Dorothy Perkins (size 22)
shoes : La Halle aux Chaussures (size 40)
rings : Tatty Devine

Monday, 8 November 2010

pumpkin legs

Today I tried a new styling of the purple corduroy dress from Asos... which I really prefer to the last one
and I pulled my usual ace card : the magic red belt.
I also wanted to wear the orange neon tights that are not so easy to match...
I really had the feeling that orange, purple and red would go well together.

purple corduroy dress: Asos Curve (size 22)
neon orange tights : We love colors
black cardigan : Asos Curve (size 22)
red t-shirt : Dorothy Perkins (size 22)
wide red belt : Heavenlybelt on ebay
bicolor boots : Duo Boots (size 40)

Sunday, 7 November 2010

The animal print dress dilemma

By reading other blogs, I discovered Sweat faced Style's love for animal print and she really made me consider buying an animal print dress.

So I found a dress a few time ago on Evans and ordered it.. but since then, I really don't know how to style it, I'm never happy with the final results.

One big problem, the cleavage is too low on the breast, so I can't wear it as a proper dress, I have to had a t-shirt.

Also, I really don't know what's wrong.. maybe it is the pattern is too light..maybe the general shape doesn't fit my body...maybe I picked the wrong shoes...

The 1st attempt was with black leggings, a black jumper with a wide belt and a little animal print scarf.. It was a bit sad, and my face isn't helping too!!

Then I decided to pimp it up with some colors and added the purple tights and the purple wide blet.. Still wasn't convinced

Then I tought that maybe the black jumper was too big so I took him off and add a long sleeve black t-shirt and put the purple wide dress directly on the dress...

As I was relly getting late and had to go away, I made up my mind on this last outfit.. but maybe this kind of patters is simply not for me.. or I could maybe alterred the dress..

I'll keep you update with my new ideas on this very important issue!!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Late Zombie party

Yesterday, I was invited to a Zombie Party..I know, it was one week after Halloween!!

It was not really a costume party but I tried to match the theme as close as possible by wearing my skeleton hands sweater clip and my skull earrinsg and bang..

I also focused on red and black clothes.

dress : Asos Curve (size 22)
shrug : Biluzik (size 50)
red tights : We love colors
boots : Duo (size 40)
skeleton hands sweater clip, earrings and bang : It'saswindle on Etsy

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Low Key Outfit

Ok.. so today I had no imagination and was a bit lazy... So this outfit is part of what I would call the family of the boring outfits.
I just dig into a pile of black clothes that are all over my dressing..
I had the extreme courage to grap a purple t-shirt and accessories with my mustache necklace and new earrings from H&M..

Sorry my camera does strange dots on the pictures!

purple long sleeve t shirt : La Redoute (size 50)
black knitted dress : Kiabi (size 50)
black pants : New Look (size 24)
black booties : La Halle aux Chaussure (size 40)
mustache necklace : Tatty Devine
long earrings : H&M

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Giving in the cape fever

I was very tempted by the Kaki cape from Asos since I first saw it on their website.. Then la pocket rocket did a nice outfit post and was even more tempted.

I waited for a while to get a little bargain and here it is... I was a bit disappointed by the warmth of this cape because on the website, it looked much more thick. In the end, it is more of a in-between seasons clothe.

Today I wear it with a very simple and automnish outfit, with my chocolate necklace and my eclairs earrings.

purple cami : New Look (size 22)
brown jumper : Kiabi (size 50)
black tulip skirt : Yours (size 24)
brown tights : We love colors
Kaki cape : Asos (size 22)
shoes : La Halle aux chaussures (size 40)