Sunday, 7 November 2010

The animal print dress dilemma

By reading other blogs, I discovered Sweat faced Style's love for animal print and she really made me consider buying an animal print dress.

So I found a dress a few time ago on Evans and ordered it.. but since then, I really don't know how to style it, I'm never happy with the final results.

One big problem, the cleavage is too low on the breast, so I can't wear it as a proper dress, I have to had a t-shirt.

Also, I really don't know what's wrong.. maybe it is the pattern is too light..maybe the general shape doesn't fit my body...maybe I picked the wrong shoes...

The 1st attempt was with black leggings, a black jumper with a wide belt and a little animal print scarf.. It was a bit sad, and my face isn't helping too!!

Then I decided to pimp it up with some colors and added the purple tights and the purple wide blet.. Still wasn't convinced

Then I tought that maybe the black jumper was too big so I took him off and add a long sleeve black t-shirt and put the purple wide dress directly on the dress...

As I was relly getting late and had to go away, I made up my mind on this last outfit.. but maybe this kind of patters is simply not for me.. or I could maybe alterred the dress..

I'll keep you update with my new ideas on this very important issue!!

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