Monday, 22 November 2010

Tights Alert!

The quest for the perfect tights is always really tricky for the plus-size customers.

I usually buy mine at MS Mode, when I go in Lille or in others big french towns.. MS Mode can unfortunetaly not be found in central Paris.

I went to Lille and I've just discovered, you can buy your tights in HEMA, which is a dutch equivalent for MUJI, very simple design, low prices... that has opened a few months ago.

HEMA has recently opened stores in France, in Creteil Soleil (near Paris) and in the north of France (Lille Valenciennes).
If you know other places, please let me know in the comments.

They have tights in size 48/52 (UK 50/54), 60 deniers, in black, back brown, dark grey, purple and deep blue and the most important they are true to size... and cost only 4 euros
I've had so many dissapointment with tights, even if they were expensive, the sizing was bullshit..

So if you live near an HEMA shop, it's squirrel time! Let's stock them!

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