Saturday, 29 May 2010

Meet my new Jeffrey Campbell!

HHiiiiii... I bought a new pair of Jeffrey Campbell on ebay.. It was unfortunetely not exactly my size (10 instead of 9) but I couldn't resist and was sure I could figure out a solution to make them fit my feet...

Well, they are very comfortable but I still haven't found the perfect solution, i added an extra sole but the heel is still a bit loose. If anyone has an idea, don't hesitate to let me know...

batwing sweater : Monsoon (size 22)
black slim jeans : Asos (size 26)
shoes : 99 from Jeffrey Campbell (size 10)

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Garde à vous!

The cold is back.. I associated my kaki jacket with DIY shoulder pads with a black skirt and black boots.. It emphasized the cavalry look!

red t shirt : Dorothy Perkins (size 22)
pencil skirt : Asos (size 24)
kaki jacket : New Look (size 52)
black boots : Duo (size 40)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

stormy afternoon

Since I bought this dress/tunic in december, I haven't figure out how to wear it..I tried it today with a skinny jean.. I don't know, something might be wrong in the shape itself and it is a bit too tight around the hips. I really love Carmakoma but this tunic may be my least favorite...

grey top : Carmakoma (size 52)
skinny jeans : Asos (size 26)
buckled wedges : Asos (size 40)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

how many livres?

Sunday, 23 May 2010

DIY shoulder pads for a military kaki jacket!

I recently bought during a short trip to Lyon this military jacket at the new New Look shop in a Part Dieu. I wanted to pimp it up a little bit and since I'm into DIY these days, I found some ideas in other blogs.

After several tests, I made up my mind for red galon and golden ribbon.
Here is a close up of the shoulder pad.

dress : Asos (jumpsuit turned into dress - size 22)
shoes : purple wedges on ebay
military jacket with DIY shoulder pads : New Look (size 22)

Saturday, 22 May 2010

safety pins DIY skull skirt

Recently, I've been browsing a lot of DIY webistes and I wanted to do something with safety pins.
I used an old black skirt to apply this safety pins skull..
I like the result though it is a bit heavy now.

On a very simple black skirt, I draw a skull pattern and started to assemble the safety pins together without any special method.

detail :

top : Asos Curve (size 22)
skirt : H&M with DIY safety pins skull
shoes : H&M with a Jeffrey Campbell style DIY

Friday, 21 May 2010

little friday little post

green top : Yours (size 22)
skirt : H&M (size 50, former pants)
boots : Duo (size 40)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

beginning of skin...

It's official, it's my 1st outfit without tights! But the outfit is a bit boring ....

top : H&M (size 50)
pencil skirt : Asos (size 24)
shoes : Jeffrey Campbell (size 9)

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

shy DIY Jeffrey Campbell project

This is obviously a very creative week... I've been DIYing everyday.

This is no secret that I'm obsessed with the over expensive Jeffrey Campbell shoes.
I bought this pair of black summer wedges, and since it is a bit too loose I decided to add a elastic band and some thumbtacks.

I cut 2 elastic bands, glued them to the shoes with neoprene glue.

I had to put pressure on the glue a whole night.

And the morning after, I could fix some thumbtacks with a hammer on the elastic bands.
I have to admit this DIY is a little bit shy but I will try to find a new cheap pair of wedges and customise it in a more dramatic way!

blackish wenesday...

I had a rather formal appointment today, so I went classical, all black except the socks!

I also found this a-little-bit-too-small red jacket in the closet.. as the weather was fine, I could wear it...

top : Carmakoma (size 52)
belt : Carmakoma
skinny black jeans : Asos (size 26)
red jacket : H&M (size 48)
black scarf : military second ahnd shop
shoes : Warrior by Jeffrey Campbell (size 9)
liquorice jewel : Nanou Creation on A little market

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Enlarge your Rodarte

Around Christmas time, I saw this dress on several fashion blogs... I immediately fell in love with it : it has everything I love : sequins and skull-like theme... I had to have it...

I checked for a few months on ebay and finally found the XL for 30 $.
Once it arrived, of course it was too small for me.
But I always have in mind that the clothe has to adapt to the body and not the opposite (what many many fashion people seem to think...)

Once again, I called my friend Misa to help me enlarging it.
Following her instructions, I unpicked completely both sides and took off the zipper.

Then I cut 2 pieces of elasthane fabric and sewed them on the sides.

And tadah! Now it fits around my body!
The customisation is quite simple but it took a little bit of time and precision...

ribcage sequin dress : Rodarte for Target (altered size XL)
ski pants : Asos (size 22)
black buckled wedges : Asos (size 7)

Monday, 17 May 2010

killer shoes

I've already talked about my recent obsession with wedges. This saturday, I received this pair I bought on ebay for 2 euros. I love them, they are nearly 10 cm high, which is the highest I have ever worn. They are quite light and stable, very comfy.
I've been walking round the house with them all week end.

batwing jumper : Monsoon (size 22)
short pants : Kiabi (size 56)
shoes : no brand, on ebay (size 7)

Friday, 14 May 2010

Diy in action!

A few weeks ago, I transformed a not really flattering white jean into a skirt.
I'm still thinking of pushing the customisation with cherry or strawberry patches. For the moment, it's still plain white.

white tank top : H&M
sweater : Kiabi
skirt : H&M (alterred jean)
tights : We love colors
black wedges : Asos
microphone necklace : Silvertongue on ebay

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Asos diy

I was adventurous enough to buy the Asos jumpsuit a month ago.. I was quite disappointed, I couldn't work it.. I tried belts.. Nothing worked, it was still unflattering.

Not knowing what to do with it, I decided to turn it into a dress.

I unpicked completely the crotch.

Then, I sewed the back and cut the lower part. I used the rest of the fabric to fill the void in the front.

I then made eveything even.

The final step was to hem the dress.
I also cut the chiffon top and turned it into a part of the skirt.

I'm not a really talented dressmaker, so i'll avoid close-up of the dress but I'm happy with the result and at least I can wear it! I will make a perfect summer dress.

Asos review

here are some more articles from my Asos package..
I bought the black skinny jean again, but this time in my size, the fox t shirt and the long awaited wedges...

I'm so obsessed with wedges right now. I believed for a long time that I couldn't wear heels, especially because of my weight. I recently discovered I could wear heels if they were wedges... This pair of wedges is a new challenge, since it is 7 cm high.. my highest attempt so far.

t shirt : Asos (size 22)
black skinny jeans : Asos (size 26)
black wedges: Oasis for Asos (size 40)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

First times!!

I received several orders this week. So here is my first slim from Asos, it is very comfortable and it fits perfectly.
And I also purchased on ebay a Monsoon batwing jumper. I discovered Monsoon recently and I love their fabrics and their patterned clothes. I'm still watching closely on ebay to find some more, so I hope this jumper is the first one of a big collection. This jumper is very comfortable too, the fabric is soft, it is perfect for mid season.

top : Monsoon (size 22)
slim jeans : Asos (size 26)
shoes : Les Halles aux chaussures (size 40)