Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Enlarge your Rodarte

Around Christmas time, I saw this dress on several fashion blogs... I immediately fell in love with it : it has everything I love : sequins and skull-like theme... I had to have it...

I checked for a few months on ebay and finally found the XL for 30 $.
Once it arrived, of course it was too small for me.
But I always have in mind that the clothe has to adapt to the body and not the opposite (what many many fashion people seem to think...)

Once again, I called my friend Misa to help me enlarging it.
Following her instructions, I unpicked completely both sides and took off the zipper.

Then I cut 2 pieces of elasthane fabric and sewed them on the sides.

And tadah! Now it fits around my body!
The customisation is quite simple but it took a little bit of time and precision...

ribcage sequin dress : Rodarte for Target (altered size XL)
ski pants : Asos (size 22)
black buckled wedges : Asos (size 7)


  1. Merci!!
    hhihihih c est mon premier comment!

    sinon pour les robes sans manches, cela peut etre une bonne solution d'agrandissement. C'est techniquement assez simple mais cela demande du temps et de la précision.

  2. Fabulous Idea, I am very tempted to copy this, you look great!

  3. Thanks miss Kiki!! Please feel free to copy this!