Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Yeah! springtime..... ahum.. in fact.... no

As anyone, I was so optimistic about the weather, I started wearing my new top from Debenhams... and tadahhh cold is back... I don't care.. I still try to work my spring outfit.

It's also a personal revolution, since I never wear patterned clothes. This is my 1st attempt. It was supposed to be a dress, but I'll probably wear it as a top with a legging.

Here I'm trying to feel the Hula vibe, but my happy face is really far from any hawaian happiness!!!

Here is a new necklace, made from big wooden pearls that emphasize the pacific vibe.

top : Debenhams (size 22)
short legging : Carisal (size 54)
shoes : H&M
necklace : H&M
bad hair : my genes...

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