Thursday, 28 January 2010

purple red, purple red....

I am now totally obsessed with mixing purple and red... Those 2 colors completely pump me up!
I like the texture of the leggings from La Redoute but they don't fit well : the waist is too low and too loose, so it is permanently going down, I always have to wear them with a bermuda, i can't use them under a skirt. So far, the best leggings are from Carmokoma.

I also yesterday, I bought a chapka and it was a total epiphanie : why haven't I bought one 10 years ago?.. it is the perfect hat for my parisian winter.

jumper : New Look (size 22)
red T Shirt : Kiabi (size 50/52)
leggings : La Redoute (size 56)
bermudas : new Look (size 26)
belt : Carmakoma
shoes : La Halle aux Chaussures (size 40)

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