Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Working girl circa 1987

In my new Asos package, I received this grey pencil fits a little better than the red dress from yesterday, although it is the same size...

The lenght is also a bit too short.
I added this large red belt to pimp the dress up.

It will do a perfect mid season outfit!

grey pencil dress : Asos (size 22)
red belt : Ebay
shoes : Asos (size 7)


  1. I went a little mad on the ASOS sale given the cheap shipping to NZ. I was humming about that dress and decided against it - but it looks great on you. The belt is fabulous.

    I'm surprised that even ASOS and DorothyPerkins still have size issues in that some of their 20's are big and some of their 22's are small!

  2. thanks thursday child!
    I really think the belt does a lot to the outfit.. it gives the dress a cleaner line.