Thursday, 8 July 2010

Pink Flamingos!!

Here it is! My first real summer dress....
It is white.. it is short... it has a very strong animal pattern...
As the heatwave is back in Paris, it s the perfect outfit for today.

the ony problem, is the zipper on the side, it hurts the armpit a little bit...

detail of the flamingos!!

flamingo dress : Ruby Belle for Evans ( size 22)
belt : ebay (XL)
shoes : Asos (size 7)
invisible but compulsory : the anti chaffing shorts : Evans (size 2)


  1. Cute, very summery and cheerful!

  2. Very cute! I bought the one with the little boats when I was in London. I loved the flamingo one too but it was way too short on me.

  3. thanks!
    @Val : it s true it is a bit short, even on me (i'm 1,68m)..i'll try to undo the hem...