Wednesday, 18 August 2010

rainy summer day ***retro-blogging***

This was during one of the very rainy and sad day of august.

I spent so many years wearing black clothes, it is still like a pavlovian reflex when the weather is depressing.

I wanted to try on the black "legging" I bought at MS Mode a few weeks before during my trip to Lille.
In Central Paris, you can't find a MS Mode (or a New Look with an Inspire section by the way), you have to go to the suburbs...and I must shamefully admit I have more occasions to go to Lille than to the parisian suburbs...
Usually, the big malls outside of Paris are difficult to reach, you often have t go there by metro then bus or RER then bus.. It is really too much for a claustrophobic person like me, who avoids any metro ride!

I bought 2 "leggings" at MS Mode :
a brown one that you can see here
and the black one I'm wearing today.

If I can say I love there tights, I'm really less excited by the "leggings"..
The fabric is really thin, it's more of a footless tight.
This one has 3 little buttons at the end of the leg on the area where the fabric is doubled... it gives the impression of a shorter leg (an impression that nobody needs, especially not the fat ones...)
I'm really not convinced by the elegance of the design.

long sleeve black t shirt : La Redoute (size 50)
shoulder embellished black dress : Dorothy Perkins (size 22)
black "leggings" : MS Mode (size 50-54)
shoes : Eram (size 40)

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