Thursday, 12 August 2010

One shouder experience ***retro-blogging***

I've been away quite a long time now and I do have some outfit pictures I took during the last 2 months, piling up in my harddrive..
They are screaming to be freed, so I couldn't resist adding them to my blog before going back to normal posting.

I don't know if it is "blog orthodox" but I have decided to ***retro-blog*** those outfits. It will be indicate in the title of the post to prevent from confusion...

I hope I'll update everything before posting my new exciting new fall clothes..

So, here I go....

This is the One shoulder dress from Asos I bought this summer.
The bottom is comfortable, it is a double draped skirt, so it doesn't stick too much to the belly.

But the top is a bit loose for my chest (which can not be considered small though...)
The strap keeps falling from the shoulder and the back keeps revealing the bra.
I had to be very careful all day long. One solution might be to shorten the strap.

Nevertheless, it is a very nice summer dress, that can be dressed down with a little cardigan or bolero.
I might consider how to "winterise" it soon.

One shoulder dress : Asos, size 22
purple wedge : ebay, size 40 (7 UK).. for dirt cheap
tagada strawberry necklace : ebay

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