Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I received my first package from Asos today, I must admit I was a bit disappointed at 1st sight. When you buy online, the most difficult is to figure out the fabrics.. This rule really apply here. And after trying the clothes, it got worse since the size chart is really strange. Some of the clothes are really not fitting my 22..

Here is the review :

The 1st piece is a ski pant, in jersey. It fits rather well. I was just surprised by the fabrics, which seems pretty cheap.

Now is the pencil skirt : the fabric is better than I expected but it is a bit small. I could wear it but it is a real no breathe situation...and no cassoulet situation.. (ok cassoulet is a very rich meal from south west of France I don't really eat often)

Then the jumpsuit : the legs are too long but the waist is too small. I'm pretty afraid of camel toes too. I don't imagine going out in it for the moment, it has too much of a tracksuit vibe.

Last but not least : the skinny jeans. They're so skinny I can't even close the zip. So this photo is a total scam since it is completely open under the green top. It would fit a 20 or even a 18 but surely not a 22.

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