Saturday, 30 October 2010

Very late Ditto post...

Of course, as any sane fatshionista, I jumped on the Ditto collection as soon as it was online.
Especially because last year I've had a bad experience, my package got lost and once I realised it, all my favorite pieces were sold out .. (I'm still looking for the purple sequin dress on ebay but alas...haven't found it yet..)

So this year, I bought my favorite piece on the 1st day. I usually always wait for a reduction code or for the sales, but I was sure the polka dot dress would go realllly fast.

I'm still so pissed about the black and red chevron dress policy that Evans did : exclusivity.
Come one! Evans is not a haute couture brand.. I thought it was unnecessarily frustrating for us, fatshionistas.

The dress is just perfect, but a bit too short on me. I've combined it with the pencil black skirt from Asos and of course, my usual red belt.
I also bought the black Ditto leggings. They are nicely high waisted but after having worn them for one day, they get a little bit too loose. For the moment, nothing has beaten the black Carmakoma leggings!

polka dot dress : Evans Ditto Collection (size 22)
pencil skirt : Asos Curve (size 24)
black leggings : Evans Ditto Collection (size 22)
shoes : Eram

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