Thursday, 9 September 2010

Winterisation : the pink flamingo dress **retro-blogging***

Summer has vanished pretty quickly and I feel frustrated that I haven't had enough occasions to wear my new pink flamingo dress. I must admit it also took me weeks to modify the hem of the dress that was a bit too short, I undid the hem and could win 5 cm, it's not a lot but it is now fitting better on the knee.

This dress was part of my new "pattern policy". I already told that I wore only formless black clothes for a long long time and since the beginning of the year I'm pushing myself into colors and patterns.

So I wanted to "winterise" this summer dress to enjoy it all year long!
Here are my 2 attempts :

The 1st one is with a red cardigan with my crossboned sweater clip, a red tight and of course the magic red belt..

The second try is with a short sleeve white shirt, that has very nice black buttons (invisible on this outfit...)

pink flamingo dress : Ruby Belle for Evans (size 22)
red vynil dress : Heavenly belt on Ebay
red cardigan : New Look Inspire (size 22)
red tights : We love colors
crossboned sweater clip : It'saswindle on Etsy
white shirt : New Look Inspire (size 20)
shoes : Eram

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